Wednesday, 17 June 2009


If you had wondered why no updates have been posted to my fishroom blog in two months. Well I have been selling my house and purchasing a new house with the lovely girlfriend.
Out of all 12 tanks in the fishroom, I have managed to narrow down my stock to just 4 tanks.
1x Proven breeding pair of Kribs (F3)
1x Unproven Pair of Apistogramma Cacatuoides (F1)
1x Proven breeding Pair of Green Severums
1x Proven breeding Pair of Jack Dempseys

I've been narrowing down the tanks to help with the move. Things previously in place to aid spawning had been removed. Plant pots etc.

Well... it hasnt stopped them one bit!
The previously unproven Apisto. Cacatuoides are currently rearing two separate batches of fry in the same tank. Which is fantastic news as I have been waiting for these to breed for a good few months now. I originally purchased these from a friend in my home town, who breed the wild parents. Fry are currently being fed on powdered fry food & the bacteria growing on the moss in their tank.

The Jack Dempseys have spawned AGAIN, this time a much larger spawn - I was concerned at one point as the parent exposed the tank bottom one day, then changed their mind and covered it up. Only to spawn on a smallish piece of slate instead. Fry are less than 1 week old at the moment and have not started to swim yet.

The Green Severums were purchased over 6mths ago, from a Rivendell store in nearby Widnes. They had been brought in my another customer who simply couldnt look after them. When asked about their history, the guy at the store didnt know too much about them. Only that they had bred previous and have been together for a long time. Since I wanted to breed them, I thought fantastic, these will do. Since that day, I have waited and waited for signs of spawning activity. Sometimes they appears to 'play' together, but nothing ever came from it. Well.. last night I was in the fishroom doing my stuff. Fed the fish etc and didnt spot anything in the Sev tank. Today after work I walked into the fishroom and the first thing I spotted - hundreds of very well developed on the outside of a massive broken plant pot (24"). Infact 2 hours later I returned to the fishroom to find all the eggs wiggling. The eggs are only hatching right now! How on earth did I missed the spawning! ;-p

No news on the Kribs, these really dont like my fishroom one bit. After the relocation to the new house and new larger fishroom. Im thinking of giving them a setup similar to the cacatuoides.(Very close to nature)

Until next time..