Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


If you had wondered why no updates have been posted to my fishroom blog in two months. Well I have been selling my house and purchasing a new house with the lovely girlfriend.
Out of all 12 tanks in the fishroom, I have managed to narrow down my stock to just 4 tanks.
1x Proven breeding pair of Kribs (F3)
1x Unproven Pair of Apistogramma Cacatuoides (F1)
1x Proven breeding Pair of Green Severums
1x Proven breeding Pair of Jack Dempseys

I've been narrowing down the tanks to help with the move. Things previously in place to aid spawning had been removed. Plant pots etc.

Well... it hasnt stopped them one bit!
The previously unproven Apisto. Cacatuoides are currently rearing two separate batches of fry in the same tank. Which is fantastic news as I have been waiting for these to breed for a good few months now. I originally purchased these from a friend in my home town, who breed the wild parents. Fry are currently being fed on powdered fry food & the bacteria growing on the moss in their tank.

The Jack Dempseys have spawned AGAIN, this time a much larger spawn - I was concerned at one point as the parent exposed the tank bottom one day, then changed their mind and covered it up. Only to spawn on a smallish piece of slate instead. Fry are less than 1 week old at the moment and have not started to swim yet.

The Green Severums were purchased over 6mths ago, from a Rivendell store in nearby Widnes. They had been brought in my another customer who simply couldnt look after them. When asked about their history, the guy at the store didnt know too much about them. Only that they had bred previous and have been together for a long time. Since I wanted to breed them, I thought fantastic, these will do. Since that day, I have waited and waited for signs of spawning activity. Sometimes they appears to 'play' together, but nothing ever came from it. Well.. last night I was in the fishroom doing my stuff. Fed the fish etc and didnt spot anything in the Sev tank. Today after work I walked into the fishroom and the first thing I spotted - hundreds of very well developed on the outside of a massive broken plant pot (24"). Infact 2 hours later I returned to the fishroom to find all the eggs wiggling. The eggs are only hatching right now! How on earth did I missed the spawning! ;-p

No news on the Kribs, these really dont like my fishroom one bit. After the relocation to the new house and new larger fishroom. Im thinking of giving them a setup similar to the cacatuoides.(Very close to nature)

Until next time..

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I have Wiggles (Fry)

Finally, after multiple failed spawning attempts and fry being eaten by one or both parents. I have 2 day old fry.
They were spawned sometime between late Friday Night and Saturday teatime.
Water temp constant 25^C
Hatched on Bank Holiday Monday.
I was not taking any chances with the parents this time round, so on the Monday (which timed perfectly for the 3rd day after spawning took place). I remove both parents and relocated them to a 4ftx12x15 tank. They can stay in the 4ft for about 1 week - whilst I monitor the fry in the original tank they were spawned/hatched in.

The original tank, is filter by a 1200 litre external canister filter. So I need to keep a close eye on the fry to ensure once they start to swim a little. They do not get too close to the filter inlet (filter inlet + fly = no fry!).

I have a 8x12x12 tank cleaned and ready with a biofoam filter (matured) and a 8" air stone, which looked like to turns over the water pretty good. Hopefully this will be enough to keep them clean, healthy and fast growing.

I'll get a photo on here as soon as I am able. The fry are currently located in a gravel pit in the furthest corner from the filter inlet. Directly underneath the filter outlet. so not the best place to take a photo.
To be honest, ill probably get a photo - when I am relocating them to the 8x12x12 tank.

Off-topic: On a separate note, I am now the proud owner of 2x 12" Diamond Sturgeon in my garden pond. They cost a small fortune - but are worth it. Plus I used my birthday money to pay for them. So to all those who gave me money for my birthday.. You collectively bought me these. Thank You! x

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Eggs no more...

Well, turns out either the male or female JD (or both) found the wriggles to be a tasty treat. They ate them on the 3rd day. I did managed to see actual fry, and hatching, at one point I seen up to 10 wriggling on the clay pot waiting for mother to collect. (eat!)
Think I have learnt a lesson with these pair now. When eggs are spawned in future, I will remove the clay pot & eggs to a separate tank, with plenty of aeration and nice clean water. Raise fry manually!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Photos of JD Spawn - Take 2!

As promised photos of the JD eggs, with proud female.
about 5-6 eggs are white this morning. much better improvement than the 100+'s last time.
Will keep updated.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Jack Dempsey Breeding Take 2!

As you can see from the pictures below, none of the eggs from the last time my Jack Dempsey's spawned were viable. However tonight I have noticed more eggs! The eggs have been deposited on the same plant pot as the last spawn, however there is one noticeable difference: in the previous spawn the eggs remained a clear orange colour throughout. Yet today's spawn look much different- a clear orange but with a distinct blank centre. So hopefuly this means the latest batch of eggs have been fertilised. Will get a photo on here soon and keep you updated on their progress.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Photo Of JD Eggs - Tuesday Morning

As you can see from the difference in the photos, more white eggs are appearing?
Over 50% are none viable now, starting to question why?