Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I have Wiggles (Fry)

Finally, after multiple failed spawning attempts and fry being eaten by one or both parents. I have 2 day old fry.
They were spawned sometime between late Friday Night and Saturday teatime.
Water temp constant 25^C
Hatched on Bank Holiday Monday.
I was not taking any chances with the parents this time round, so on the Monday (which timed perfectly for the 3rd day after spawning took place). I remove both parents and relocated them to a 4ftx12x15 tank. They can stay in the 4ft for about 1 week - whilst I monitor the fry in the original tank they were spawned/hatched in.

The original tank, is filter by a 1200 litre external canister filter. So I need to keep a close eye on the fry to ensure once they start to swim a little. They do not get too close to the filter inlet (filter inlet + fly = no fry!).

I have a 8x12x12 tank cleaned and ready with a biofoam filter (matured) and a 8" air stone, which looked like to turns over the water pretty good. Hopefully this will be enough to keep them clean, healthy and fast growing.

I'll get a photo on here as soon as I am able. The fry are currently located in a gravel pit in the furthest corner from the filter inlet. Directly underneath the filter outlet. so not the best place to take a photo.
To be honest, ill probably get a photo - when I am relocating them to the 8x12x12 tank.

Off-topic: On a separate note, I am now the proud owner of 2x 12" Diamond Sturgeon in my garden pond. They cost a small fortune - but are worth it. Plus I used my birthday money to pay for them. So to all those who gave me money for my birthday.. You collectively bought me these. Thank You! x

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