Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Kribenis Fry, In Community Aquarium

After the unfortunate fry loss, the 1st time parent Kribensis were relocated to the main Aquarium (6ft, 72") in the living room. (Which recently had to be completely re-setup, due to a leak before christmas).
Both Kribs were still showing very strong spawning colours, so I provided them with their original coconut shell from the earlier breeding setup. This was an instant 'hit' with the fish, who took to it straight away.
Two weeks have passed since, and I am very proud to say they have successfully spawned a fresh batch(making this their 2nd batch) of fry.
As this is also a community tank, there are other inhabitants. 2x8" Green Severums, 2x3" Red Spotted Severums, 5x Mustached Danios, 1xRainbow Shark, 1xSwordtail, 1x 6"Eartheater, 1x 6"Blue Acara. As you can see these are some quite large fish, however this is not preventing the proud parents from taking their newly hatched fry on 'day-trips' round the tank. At the moment the parents are keeping to just the left side of the tank, as this contains the most cover(large sunken ship, rocks and a few plants).
Below are some of the photos they let us take..

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