Saturday, 24 January 2009

Small Update

The room that will be my 'Fish Room' has been decided. It is a 'Cloak Cupboard', previously used to stored Coats & shoes (And Course Fishing Gear amongst other things).
Room measure 3ft Wide by 5ft Deep. So not much room.
I found a nice 3ft tank shelving unit on eBay, which ive set in the room against the back wall.
I have also ordered 10 custom spec'd tanks;
8 x 10"x12"x12" (LxWxD)
2 x 20"x12"x12"
which will fit snug into the shelving unit. I had to have the tanks custom made, because the 3ft width isnt exactly 3ft, its slightly less which ruined my plans for simply 12" tank. So 10" it is.. and they should fit just right.
I'll take some photos of the room in the next day or two.

The Kribensis fry seem to be doing well, they are still in the 6ft tank. I plan to relocate them to the fish room once its setup and running correctly. For the moment, however they are 'stuck' in the big tank.
The Blue Lobster who also lives in the 6ft-er, being an opertunisitc feeder has decided to relocate his home from the far side of the tank(Where he has his own coconut house), to inside the front section of the sucken ship. Which just happens to be right outside the Kribs spawning site...hmm. Crafty bugger! Ive witnessed him attempted to grab fry, so far the parents have been fighting him off.
I must say, its quite a sight seeing a Krib fight a Lobster..(esp. one that is 3x larger or more in size than the fish). Attacks are made to the face/eye area of the Lobster. Avoiding the pinchers, attacks are also so fast the lobster doesnt even see them coming. If I can get a video of this, I will...
Well, its late time ive fed the fish tanks, its time for bed.

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