Sunday, 15 February 2009

Breeding Tanks Setup

Very Quick Update, New photos of the Breeding Rank & tanks fitted back into the room.
Insulation have been completed, tanks were ready to go back in. Which is good, as they were blocking half of the halfway.
400w Oil Filled Panel Heater has been fitted to the wall and is running on a ET05 Thermometer Plug Socket. Set at 25c.
Opening the door to the fish room, lets some cold air into the room. reducing the room temperature from a steady 25c to 24.9c. (even 24.8c if left open a bit longer.)

Each of the 8x 23L tanks have been filled & both of the 47L tanks are also full of water. Each has been pre-treated with Water-safe. To remove any metals and chlorine.
A Haliae 8 outlet airpump will power the 8x 23L tanks, however this has yet to be fitted.

Until next time...

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