Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Insulation (Part 2)

Finished off fitting the remaining ThermoWrap Foil Insulation this afternoon.
Prior to stapling the rest, I checked the temperature of the room. Over night it drops below 10c and peaks at around 14c. However this is whilst a 60w standard incandescent light bulb is on. I can account a fair amount of the temperature increase to the heat given off from the 60w bulb in the day.
After completing the foil insulation earlier I left the thermometer in the room to gauge a stable temperature.
With the 60w light on & 2 people in the room, the temperature peaked to 20.7 (and shown signs of a still present gradual increase).
With the 60w on & just myself in the room, the temperature dropped to around 19.5.
With the 60w on & no one in the room, the temperature dropped again to 18.4.
Based on these results it clear to see the body heat from individuals in the room greatly effects the ambient temperature of the room.
As humans are warm blooded and fish are cold blooded, I do not envision the same temperature swing up/down to occur when the room is stocked.
As a final experiment, I left the 60w off and closed the room door (as I did with all experiments). Leaving the room for a good hour, the temperature dropped to 16.3c showing a good indication of further temperature reduction as time passed. I have clocked a minus 0.1 difference in as little as 10 minutes.
Hopefully the 400w panel heater will compensate for the low temperature drop in the evening. I'll update again once the heater is installed.
Some new photos are attached below; Walls have been finished, door and skirting boards. Also the wood work around the door frame to prevent any heat loss.

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Gman_1965 said...

Looks the business, Dan - a futuristic fish room. Good work.