Sunday, 22 February 2009

Jack Dempsey Spawning!!

Exciting stuff!
Since my last post I have adding to the fish room. all tanks are in the room, and some have fish relocated into them. Namely guppies, Mollies, Kribs, Ancistrus and my newly acquired Jack Dempsey pair (Previously bred pair, expect their spawns kept getting eaten my other tank inhabitants (previous owner had very large fish, aworanas etc).
Reason for this post, and to explain why there are no photos this time is because..

The Jack Dempsey pair (named 'Jack' n 'Jill' by the girlfriend) has started spawning. She is currently laying eggs on a very large broken plant pot and he is circling behind he leaving his milt on the eggs. So far ive only managed to see 100+ eggs as i happened to disturb them whilst going into the fishroom to do the nightly feed.
Figuring ive just disturbed them in the act. Ive left them to it, and all the other fish in there can miss their feeding for tonight (ill feed in the morning)

Once the pair our 'finishing' ill try and get a photo or two.

Well, its late. time for bed.

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